Do you take my phone away? 

Nope! Your phone is yours in case you absolutely need it. When you arrive, we'll give you a special pouch to slip your phone into for safekeeping. Think of it like a cozy phone sleeping bag for an extended phone hibernation. You also get to chose an "Off The Grid level" for the trip: Easy, Hard, or I'm All In! Read more about how we create an offline experience here

How do you handle safety & security? 

We have you covered. All of our locations are in neighborhoods that we've vetted thoroughly before arrival with our local partners. We'll also be replacing your smart phone for a dumb phone and SIM card, which will be pre-loaded with emergency contacts. Experienced local staff and facilitators will be on hand 24 hours a day if you ever need anything. Plus, you'll always have a buddy to explore with. 

What's included in the cost? 

The cost covers your accommodations, travel between locations, group excursions, socials, events, local staff, facilitators, and gear. It does not include flights to and from your destination or most meals (although breakfast is included on trips and we always provide at least one dinner experience). We're still happy to help you find and book your flights if you want us to share our tips and tricks. 

How does payment work? 

Once we've confirmed your participation, a deposit of 50% of the trip cost is used to hold your spot. The remainder is due 30 days prior to departure. If for some reason you can't go, you can use your deposit as a credit applied toward any future trip. 

Can I get a discount please? 

Since you asked so nicely, sure! This is what we offer: 

1. Couples or small groups both get 20% off total cost
2. Refer a friend: $100 off their trip + $100 cash to you
3. Pay early: Pay 60 days before your trip and get $200 off

Can I still use my camera? 

Yes, although we prefer it to not be attached to a phone. We'd encourage you to bring something that makes you intentional about the photos you take, e.g. a 35mm film camera. If you think you can go without a camera, even better. We have a designated photographer on every trip who's responsible for getting shots of the group. After each retreat we send the photos to everyone. 

Am I allowed to bring kids? My dog? 

Sorry, we're not built to accommodate children or dogs (or hamsters really). That said, we love couples and offer discounts if you're traveling with a partner. Let us know in your application. 

What are the accommodations like? 

We work with local companies to find top-notch hostels that are safe, clean, and close to the action. Spaces are typically shared, which allows us to put more of your fee toward booking local experiences and events. We always offer the option to get a private room if you prefer one. Just ask us and we'll make it happen. 

What kind of people participate? 

All kinds! Applicants include entrepreneurs, professionals, writers, students, and creators. Our goal is to put together a well-rounded, diverse set of people you'll want to unplug with. We're looking for open-minded individuals with unique experiences who share a passion for self-improvement. Our trips are social, so it's important that the group gets along. 

What if work needs me? 

They'll be ok. Send them something like this.  

What if someone needs to contact me? 

Give them our number! Seriously. Before you unplug, we'll set you up with a simple checklist that includes tips for going off the grid and contact information for anyone who needs to get in touch with you. They'll be able to call us or vice versa. You can also choose to travel in Easy Mode where you check your phone at a set time each day.