Ready for a screen-free adventure?

I think we’ve really lost one of the most beautiful aspects of travel...enjoying the destination and being present. Constant distraction keeps us from observing the place we are at.
— Matthew Kepnes OF

Arrive and break up with your phone.

You'll arrive in your city, check-in, and socialize with your travel companions at a kick-off party. We'll show you around and give you an Off The Grid travel pack which includes a notebook, a disposable camera, and an old-school phone. We'll unplug together and celebrate our newfound freedom!

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Challenge yourself to be fully present. 

If you unconsciously pick up your phone when you have free time only to find yourself scrolling mindlessly 20 minutes later, you'll now be able to fill that void with something more meaningful. Every day will be a new chance to live in the moment and have real conversations with real people. 

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Bring it all home

When you go without the internet for 10 days, you'll return with a clean slate to re-prioritize your digital life. You can bring back the digital habits you want to and leave the rest behind. You can take part in the world around you without worrying about the Wifi password. You'll be happier, you'll feel healthier, and your brain will thank you. 

Applications for Lisbon and Prague are now open!