Off The Grid Lisbon

Trip Details & Itinerary  |  July 2018


Why you'll love Lisbon

  • Beautiful sunny, coastal weather
  • Affordable food and drinks
  • Epic sweeping views of the city
  • Easy day trips via tram ride
  • Colorful art at every turn

Trip highlights

  • Surf lessons on the beach
  • Secret concert with local band
  • View of Lisbon by boat
  • Wine and food at a speakeasy
  • History and art walking tour 

Trip snapshot

  • Dates: July 7th - July 16th, 2018
  • Group size: 16-24 people
  • Cost: $1,500 (solo traveler)
  • 10 days + 9 nights
  • Avg. temp in July: 26°C / 78°F

Note: Itineraries will vary based on group size and availability. All group activities are completely optional. Feel free to choose the activities that suit your travel style and customize the trip based on what you're most interested in. 

Day 1

Arrive & prepare to unplug

Arrive in Lisbon at any time on Day 1. Once you land safely you'll have a quick 20 minute taxi ride to the Hostel where you'll see your Lisbon home and meet the crew! We'll shake out the jet lag together as we unplug and begin to connect in this incredible destination. 

lisbon hostel

Day 2

an introduction to the city

After breakfast together, we'll venture out into the city for a walking tour. We'll begin to wet the Portuguese palate and learn about some of the most famous foods, drinks, and buildings around Lisbon. Armed with some fresh knowledge, we'll join in the fun at a nearby bar known for their soulful and expressive Fado music. 

street art

Day 3

surf lessons.jpg

surf the waves & gather for games

We'll get your heart pumping with a day of surfing at nearby beaches with local instructors. After out a full day at the beach, we'll relax with some wine and a game night back at our gathering space. 

Day 4

yoga, museums, & a secret concert 

We'll begin the day with some beach yoga taught by a local instructor and then you'll get to choose your own adventure. Armed with maps (yes, the paper kind) and multiple museum options, you can explore the history and art of Lisbon at your own pace. Later in the evening we'll attend a secret concert with a group of other travelers and locals.

below tower

Day 5


explore the coastal town of cascias

After breakfast, those interested in a day out of the city will pack snacks for a picnic and head toward the coastal town of Cascias for a day on the beach. A 40 minute bus ride will take us to one of the most beautiful and lively beaches in Portugal, where we'll spend the day exploring and soaking up the sun. 

Day 6

free day to explore at your own pace

The world is your oyster today. If you want some time to see Lisbon solo or break off into a smaller group, this is your chance. We'll have several suggestions for near and far exploring. In the evening, we'll all meet back up in a local Speakeasy to hear about the shenanigans you got into. 

lisbon tram

Day 7

view lisbon by boat

The morning is yours to read, write, stroll, or sleep in a bit. In the afternoon, you'll have the opportunity to see Lisbon from a different angle! We'll head out to sea for a historical boat tour and cap off the day with dinner at one of our favorite sidewalk restaurants. 

lisbon by boat

Day 8

create your own adventure

Catch up on journaling your trip experience thus far, go back for seconds at your favorite restaurants, or stumble across new hidden treasures. Find new friends or use this time to relax and gear up for your final full day of adventure. 

music lisbon

Day 9

go back to your favorite spots

Go back to your favorite cafe or hike up the hill for one last look at the city from above. Be sure to catch anything you think you’ve missed in Lisbon.Today is for you to enjoy until later in the afternoon when we bring everyone together for a proper farewell event.

lisbon arch

Day 10

say your goodbyes & exchange info

You made it. Pat yourself on the back for thriving while off the grid and say goodbye (for now) to your new travel companions. In the morning, you can exchange info with the group. You'll have the opportunity to swap photos when you arrive back home.