Hey, Product Hunt!


👋 welcome to off the grid

I worked in tech my entire professional life.

It was a blast, but eventually it became exhausting. I spent a lot of mornings waking up to emails and a lot of nights falling asleep with my phone under my pillow. It wasn't healthy and it made me feel terrible. 

We built Off The Grid to help people take a break from their phones and reconnect with the world. Instead of going cold turkey, you get to unplug with 30 awesome people in a vibrant global city. 

We're definitely not anti-device, but we do believe it's important to be intentional about when and how often we're looking at screens. Thanks for checking us out!

Zach, Founder @ Off The Grid

P.S. Mention Product Hunt in your application and we'll take $150 off any upcoming trip. We'd love to have you join us in Lisbon or Prague this summer!