Sample Itinerary

Itineraries vary city-to-city and all activities are completely optional.  Generally, every day is divided into three parts: mindfulness in the morning, exploration in the afternoon, and community in the evening. We'll provide the framework for an amazing trip and you get to decide what excites you the most.


mindfulness & self-reflection

  • Courtyard yoga with local instructor
  • Guided meditation
  • Coffee and conversation
  • Journaling, writing, and reading


exploration & growth

  • Poke around a castle (or two)
  • Tour breweries with local guide
  • Rent bikes to get the best view of the coast
  • Paddle boarding in a secret lagoon
  • Day hike through a forest 
  • Take dedicated time to wander the streets
  • Taste the best flavors of the city on a foodie tour


community, creativity, & play

  • Check out a local band
  • Drink and play with Legos (it's exactly what it sounds like)
  • Night stroll to see downtown
  • Jenga, Bananagrams, Settlers of Catan, etc. 
  • Arts and crafts, trivia, talent show
  • Bonfire on the beach