Travel that transforms you.

Phone-free experiences with inspiring people. 


We organize tech-free social experiences in vibrant cities around the world. 

Whether it's Lisbon, Prague, or Barcelona, every Off The Grid retreat is designed around our mission: unplug and explore. Join a wine tour, do some evening yoga, or take an afternoon to yourself. Meet a group of lifelong friends and leave the planning to us.  


See a new place while disconnecting with a group of inspiring people.   

A digital detox can be life changing. You can write, read, and think without any distraction or disruption. In 10 days you'll notice improved focus, better sleep, and deeper conversation. You'll feel more connected to your work, your relationships, and yourself.


Enjoy an immersive local itinerary, with plenty of downtime for exploring. 

Surf the waves in Lisbon, taste the flavors of Prague, or bike the streets of Barcelona. We build our trips with intention and purpose. Each element brings you closer to your group and reminds you to be present in the moment. 

Upcoming Trips


All upcoming Off The Grid trips are closed, but you can always express interest in a future retreat. As new trips open up we'll be in touch! Spots are limited and group sizes vary depending on location.


Lisbon, Portugal

trip completed!

Prague, Czech Republic

Aug. 4 - Aug. 13, 2018

Croatian Coast

sept. 15 - sept. 24, 2018